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Defence for magic

Defense for magic

It has been claimed:
A wizard cannot handle a mirage
a vampire does not have 1

dolfins do not care about theirs.

3 eyed jade dragon on a pillow in a safe guarding a pearl
poor thing
it cannot see the curve..
Or so it is claimed, but does it matter?
After all, some dragons can mimic humen perfectly, are master magicians (&prolly have ~8 chackras)

Unfortunately finns have distinct resemblance to the longbottoms of the Shire, even some of the brahmins of the Indiastreet.

A child often cannot fathom time nor can our dog. a Muggle cannot understand energy. To be honest muggle often does not have really firm grip of 3 dimensions (it moves in ~2+ dimensions not in 4 or more), understands time as a clock, a week, month &year at best, has no financial backbone; to assume such creature would have more then a whim of grasping energy required to perform magic or ability to do so would be ridicilous.

Antimagical thinking
fixated simple rationalism
divine bovine at the top of the foodchain:

"The claim that lions do X-cist is absurd; It is our farts that drive us to run gallop like the wind across the savannah. Lack of consideration &consentration, on the 3 rd hoof, are the reason to see the hallusinations caused by the thin high air, breathable only on gallop, to see "the lions" in the distance; it is only the wind moving through the dry unedible yellow grass." -last words of the wise guru gnu Moo Moo before it was mysteriously ripped to pieces by 5 yellow grass farts moving in the wind...

To see beyond the fireworks.

Some functions of magic may be:
-to do effortlesly
-to try to do or succeed in the improbable
-to amuse &to entertain

Art cannot be comprehended by science. "Wizards power is in the mana &the ability to use it." or maybe it is the bottle, choking the chicken &throwing the c@ to the wall &in the admiring eyes of the children as the bum tumbles down the icy stairs, cursing while falling. "No task is too great if divided in to small jobs" -Henry Ford. Still it impossible to imagine a car from seat &a rim, without prior knowledge.
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