houseava (houseava) wrote in occult,

Please Help This Library Out!

This library system has been hit hard by budget cuts this past year and needs all the help they can get.  They have been very supportive of buying pagan, wiccan, occult, and vampirism related materials in the past so it's nice to be able to return the favor!  *PLEASE* take a moment to help this local library win 1,600 'For Dummies' books!  All you have to do is "LIKE" the following fan page and encourage your friends to do the same (just takes a second of your time).  They have 10 days left to maintain their lead (April 30, 2011 deadline).  Thanks so much for helping to support libraries in the wake of recent budget shortfalls!  Please "SHARE" this link with others!

Thank you!
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