Von Junzt (vonjunzt) wrote in occult,
Von Junzt

Witch war on Hitler

Some years ago, I remember reading somewhere about groups of witches and other occultists who waged a magical war on Hitler. For some reason I think Gerald Gardener was involved, though I'm not certain. Some of this could have been sparked by William Seabrook's Hitler Hex party, which was covered by Life.

Can anyone tell me where I can find sources to read about this? Contemporary materials from the time would be especially interesting!
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Google "Magical Battle of Britain" and you'll get tons of information. Dion Fortune wrote the book with that same title, but its nearly impossible to find these days.
Thanks; that was exactly what I was thinking of!

It's a shame the book is going for over a hundred dollars on Amazon, in a paperback edition dating from 1993. If they can command those prices, surely it's time for a reprint.
I keep thinking they will, which is why I'm holding out. *wink*
"Lammas Night" by Katherine Kurtz is purportedly a fictionalized account of these efforts, and IIRC is partially based on Dion Fortune's work.
This is also purported to have happened in England when the Spanish Armada was about to attack, they raised a huge storm that kept the Spanish from being able to land. Its said that when doing this sort of working, one of the members of the group will die soon after. The Earl of Leicester passed away very soon after the English won against the Armada...just food for thought