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occult's Journal

General Occult Forum
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All Members , Moderated
This forum is meant for anyone with an interest in occultism. Nothing is off-topic, though topics of an occult bent are encouraged. If you have any general questions about the occult, or specific questions, this is a good place to ask them.

We also encourage people to post purely informative pieces, or links to resources or articles that you find interesting in your own wanders.

With that in mind... "Occultism" in general is a very broad field. It covers a great variety of traditions spanning many time periods, all of which have some specific methods of magick that work---even those that shouldn't work, according to the rules of other traditions. Try to keep that in mind, that there is never just "One Right Way (tm)" to do anything. This forum isn't for any one way of doing things---not "white", not "black", not even "grey". Keep an open mind here; there are many paths to the mountaintop.

You might not always agree with everything everyone posts here, but that should be considered a strength. Drop on in; no question is too silly, no subject is off-topic.

Things we encourage:

While nothing is off-topic, we certainly do encourage specific things to keep this community focused on its stated purpose.
  • Sharing useful information. If you find an interesting article about something you think appropriate to this forum, we welcome it. Your own thoughts and commentary are welcome as well.

  • Questions about occult topics. There's a world of information and experience out there, but sometimes you don't know where to go to tap into it. Chances are that someone here will be able to answer your question or point you towards the proper path.

  • An open mind. This community is intended for a diverse crowd. If someone is talking about a topic, group, or subject that you don't like, just ignore it until something more to your liking comes along---or post something more along the lines of what you like.

  • Notes about your personal experiences. If you do something of an occult nature and think it was pretty cool, then tell us about it.

  • Arranging real-life meetings and events. Want to put on a gather in your area? See if there are enough people to get one going, and then post a full report here.

  • Original occult-related photos, drawings, and art. Have photos of interesting magickal implements? Pictures of occult events? Occult or occult-inspired drawings or art you've made? We'd love to see them, just make sure to follow the graphics guidelines below.

  • Active posting from members -- that means you! Too many communities on LJ suffer from a common malady: a hundred subscribers and a handful of posters. Don't be afraid to post just because you haven't or because you're afraid of the reaction from it. This community is meant for you! Use it!

Things we discourage:

The things we discourage here can be summed up fairly simply. If you keep an open mind, don't blindly spew dogma, and don't try to convert us to your way of thinking, you'll avoid them all. In general, be a decent human being and try to remember the golden rule. The general things to avoid are:
  • "My path is better than your path" arguments. There are many paths to the mountaintop. Everyone here has their own path they walk at their own pace, suited for their personality and level of self-development. If your path really is better, maybe others will see that through your presence here.

  • "My tradition/order/group is better than your tradition/order/group" arguments. Constructive discussion about the nature of and difference between such groups is welcome, but don't let it degenerate into petty bickering. We've all seen the arguments before; we don't need to see them here.

  • Tradition-bashing. Everyone has had bad experiences with certain groups, and many of us actively dislike other groups. However, this forum isn't the place to decide to go wicca-bashing, or to accuse all people of a magickal order of being stupid gits. All you'll do is create an atmosphere unconducive to the sharing of information. Try to recognize that the people in those traditions/groups/whatever enjoy their path, and probably have reasons to dislike yours. Different strokes for different folks.

Graphics Posting Rules

If you want to post pictures, photos, drawings, art, or other graphics, please be courteous and follow a few simple rules:
  • Keep images to less than 400 pixels wide unless using the lj-cut tag. If you make images larger than this, it tends to munge up people's friends page. If you want to post a large picture, put it after the lj-cut tag so that people have the option to load it.

  • Please put photos after an lj-cut tag so that people don't have to take the time to load them all when they view their friends page or view this community. Remember that plenty of people still use 56k modems, and that some of them here know how to hex irresponsible people who clog their line   ;-)

  • Use thumbnails if possible. If possible, post a smaller thumbnail here that links to the larger, full-size graphic. It saves everyone quite a bit of bandwidth.

  • Make sure your graphics are on a server that allows remote viewing. Your photos need to be hosted on a remote server and linked with the IMG tag. You do this by using the following code in your post where you want the image to appear: <IMG SRC="http://www.mydomain.com/path/to/image.jpg" ALT="Description of my image"> tag. Make sure that the site you host them at allows remote-viewing of images---many sites such as Geocities do not. There are several free image hosting sites out there, though. If all else fails, simple provide a link to your images.

Have fun and happy posting!